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N7ZK.com is our family's virtual hangar where fellow aviation lovers can join the journey. We provide a behind-the-scenes look at life with an RV-10, sharing not just our adventures in the sky, but also our tips and tricks for maintaining the plane. Our goal? To inspire and pave the way for anyone fascinated by the idea of crafting their own RV-10 and diving headfirst into this way of life.

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Tims RV10

Nose Seal Replacement (Service…

Hours:  4

May 15, 2024

Chasing a small oil leak led me down the path of the nose seal.  With the cowl off I noticed a small circular length of loose sealant (abou...

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Tims RV10

New Seat Belts –…

Hours:  3.75

May 12, 2024

In the last year with very little family flying having taken place due to my career change, the kids have out grown their car seats.  Witho...

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Tims RV10

Savvy Aviation – Oil…

Hours:  6

October 6, 2023

While chasing the cause of an increase in oil consumption, I decided to borescope the cylinders and valves.  I noticed that the #6 cylinder...

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Tims RV10

Best Pen Ever! –…


June 24, 2023

On the quest to find a consistent, smooth writing, least probability of leaking, most cost effective, pen that can write when it gets cold s...

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