1,500 hours total time and 1,000 in Type (RV-10)! April 26, 2023

While closing in on the 1,500 hour mark I decided that Skyscraper had earned the right to be the airplane to carry me over the mark. I could have let a rental twin hold the place in my history but decided to take N7ZK around Central Florida on my last “flight to no-where”. I crossed 1,500 total time and 1,000 in N7ZK on the same flight. What an airplane.

The “1,500” skywriting took two hours to draw and the “N7ZK” took an hour. The clouds kept building and tops raising. Even at 17,500 my canvas was getting small as the day wore on so I had to adjust and make the “N7ZK” smaller to keep my flight VFR. No GPS way points, only a timer, autopilot in track mode, and 50 degree bank hand-flown turns.

8/6/22 to 4/26/23
452 hours in N7ZK with a 10 week stoppage in play, 48.1 hours in a few twins (2 Seminoles and a Twin Comanche), a few hours in a Cherokee 140, 0.9 in an RV-8, 1.0 in a Sonex, commercial written, initial commercial multi check-ride, ATP-CTP, and ATM written completed. Wrenches turned: failed primary alternator in flight (smoke smell in cockpit from failed switch), mag and p-mag swaps/overhauls, broken brake line on the left main, (2) blown tires, failed cowl hinge, all the usual maintenance a loved airplane gets (prop balance, plugs cleaned and replaced, new door struts, etc), and oil changes as close to 25 hours as my trips would allow.

When I landed, it was a bitter sweet feeling knowing that this chapter of my journey was complete. I met and spent time with so many wonderful people on my trek building hours towards the ATP minimums. Flying the Hudson Corridor twice, landing at Dead Cow Lake Bed with Willard, FBO camping, Iqaluit and the ice burgs with Brian, flying Carl and canine Annie to and from New Orleans for Christmas, Roman and Audrey to Monterey, Maine with Jim, picking up Amanda in Louisville, Vans Factory tour in Aurora with Greg, and all the “usual” trips with Karrie and the girls.


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