ATP Checkride / CE-680AS Type Rating, Columbus Ohio September 5 – October 2, 2023

27 nights in Columbus

11 straight days of ground school

1 day off followed oral portion of check-ride starting at 2230 and ending at 0112

9 straight nights in the sim 2000-2200 brief, 2200-0200 sim session, 0200-0230 de-brief

2 days off followed by the LOFT in the sim

Check-ride starting at 1630 and ending at 0030


Hotel room study.

Study spot outside Whole Foods across the street from the hotel.

Study spot near the indoor pool at the hotel to soak in some humidity.

Typical hotel dinner.

Flight Safety in Columbus by day.

(Clunky) Desk top sim we used in ground school (DTS?)

First crack at the GFS.

Flight Safety by night.  My sim slot was from 2000-0230 for (9) nights straight.

Latitude “A” sim.

Not many places open at 0300 when you get out of the sim.  Thankfully Waffle House is always ready! Hahaha

What the company will send you if you find yourself on your birthday at a sim session in the middle of the night.

Cold, dark cockpit in Latitude, Sim A.

Hangar tour to touch a real CE-680AS.  Thanks Jared!

Grandview Heights Library for a study session.

Bottom of the Homewood Suites OSU for a study session.

Blue line is the section of brick they roto hammered out while I was sleeping daily.  Red circle is my room.

Topiary Park for a study session.

Where Kiran parked our aircraft at the end of the check-ride.  He flew first and I flew second.

Temporary Airmen certificate with a type rating and ATP!

Left Flight Safety at 0115 and was boarding my flight home at 0500.

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