Atlanta Motorsports Park – Junior Discovery Experience (KORL to 09GE Elliott Field) 05/24/2021

May. 24, 2021 | Share This Post:  

One of our airplane friends in Atlanta invited us to an event at the Atlanta Motorsports Park to introduce kids to racing via go karts (Junior Discover Experience).  The event entails educating kids about basic kart control, a short slalom...

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(B)FR and Tailwheel Training (who knows what my RV future may require!) Right Rudder Aviation – Inverness, FL

May. 23, 2021 | Share This Post:  

As this month rounds out (2) years of having my instrument ticket it was time for a flight review.  What was once called a “biennial flight review” has now been changed to a “flight review” per the FAA in an...

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