Date:Apr. 23, 2018


Brief Description:

2nd VS Skin get match drilled.

After putting a few dents in the first VS skin I took a  lot more time with the second skin.  I cut even more material from the nose ribs as well.  This time I took the skin and set it flat on the build table and slid the VS skeleton into it. I clecoed about the third hole back on each rib while bending the rest of the skin down to try to mitigate the pressure at the tip of the nose ribs.  This worked much better although I still ended up with some very small dents.  MUCH better than the first time where I tried to set the skin onto the VS skeleton sitting up on a table.  I clecoed the skin in place and match drilled all the holes, took it apart and began deburring the holes on the ribs.


Set skin flat on table to slide skeleton in.

Setup to match drill holes.


Taken apart to deburr.