Date:Feb. 11, 2018


Brief Description:Dimple die, primer, and rivets!!!

First Rivet Done!

First day back on the project after recovering from a cold. Used the Cleaveland die and sub structure dimple die on the rudder skins and adjoining stiffeners. Used the 3M Twist-Lok holders (they come in two sizes) and some red scotch-brite to scuff the skins and just scotch-brite to hit the smaller parts. When I was dimpling with the DRDT-2 made a mistake and tore one of the top rivet holes in the right rudder skin a little bit. Ground out the bad material and kept moving. This rivet is midline for the fiberglass fairing at the to top of the rudder. Fired up the HVLP gun and sprayed the Sherwin Williams P60G2. First go was at the recommended 1 to 1.5 ratio. Very thick and not able to lay down a consistent coat with it. Mixed up 1 to 2 ratio and it went a little better. Recommend hanging small parts as sitting on a paper covered Vans freight lid on saw horses does not work well. The compressed air from the gun blows the small parts around. The expanded metal steel table I previously had would have worked great but as that is gone I think next batch will be hanging.

3M Twist-Lok pad holder.  Works real well before dimpling. 

P60G2 Primer mixed 2 to 1 still came out splotchy.  Specs call for 1.5 to 1 but I could not get that to spray at all. 

First (9) rivets with the squeezer.