Date:Jan. 09, 2018


Brief Description:Almost everything was in the box but some of it was damaged.

Receive crate and inventory items

Received the large box (297#) via Old Dominion from Vans Aircraft. The plywood top of the box was open around the edges in a few places where the staples were pulled from the pine sides and there was a crack on one of the pine sides. The whole box had a bend in it when the pallet jack picked it up.  I got the lid off to see a dent in F-1073-L Tail Cone Side Skin as well as some bends in the HS spars and some extruded angles.  


Cracked a few feet from one end of the box on one side.

Packed very nicely but one of the 2x4s on the bottom of the crate was torn off as well.  It also looked like something punched through the side on the right of this picture by the fuselage bottom skin.

F-1073-L with damage.