Date:Mar. 19, 2018


Brief Description:

Fresh air supply ordered

Well as it turns out even if you can’t smell any fumes death can still be in the air.  Non human detectable heavy metals and other nasty compounds can accumulate through your body via your breath AND also through your skin and eyes.  Those acetone or lacquer baths you used to use to get the over-spray off your body were NO GOOD and for the most part the NIOSH approved respirator with carbon and particle filters only stopped a portion of the bad things that were floating around (although you felt like you were good because you could’t smell anything).  This is not a time to be cheap!

Isocyanate is among those nasty compounds found on the MSDS sheet for Imron and other hardeners that will hurt you either shortly after exposure or long term down the road.  

Called Hobbyair to understand their current fresh air product line before making the decision.  I was stuck between a NIOSH approved SAS product and the non-approved Hobbyair 2.  Left a message at Hobbyair Monday morning and got a call back shortly thereafter.  Jan was pleasant enough to educate me that their NIOSH approved Proair 40 system was at one point in the past mechanically exactly the same as the Hobbyair 1 with the exception that it has the NIOSH approval (paperwork that costs them $12,000 a year to maintain this approval).  The Hobbyair 2 has been updated to include a variable speed pump (also comes with a flow meter to measure flow at the mask location to ensure you have the proper amount) while the Proair 40 has a fixed speed pump as it was certified that way.  Sounds a lot like the RV I am planning on using this thing for so it makes sense.  The half mask and full masks are NIOSH certified per Jan (although I only found the half mask approval when I looked on the CDC website) and their fresh air hood IS NOT certified.  Pulled the trigger on the Hobbyair 2 with (2) 40′ hoses, a thru-wall fitting, full mask, and some pull of mask lens covers.  Cheap insurance against any exposure.  A 3m tyvek suit with attached hood and boot covers are on their way as well to supplement the nitrile gloves I have been using.  Also intend to order some butyl gloves as well as they appear to offer better protection but at the expense of flexibility.

The Axis Air Group, Inc (makers of Hobbyair) was started by two guys who owned an airplane together among other planes.  They had a friend die who was spraying and another who got so sick he would not touch his project again.  One of the founders was an inventor and built a unit for himself while the other was business oriented.  That was the start of the Hobbyair product line and shortly thereafter Jan joined the mix.  All of this happened in the early ’90s.