Date:Jan. 15, 2023


Brief Description:

After cranking down on the worm gear hose clamps every time I have the cowl off to stop drips from coming out of the oil return lines I decided there must be a better method.  Putting an 8mm socket on an extension is not that big of a deal but the clamps just seem to dig deeper into the hose material.  As the hose gets hot/cold and expands/contracts the clamps do not adjust their clamping pressure resulting in the drips I have seen.  A quick search on VAF and I came across the idea of using spring-band clamps instead of the worm gear clamps. 

After a cursory search for spring band clamps on Amazon I saw a plethora of inexpensive, various sized clamp kits although none made me feel comfortable.  They all seemed a bit “cheap”.  I searched on McMaster-Carr and found some clamps with product specs listed and opted to purchase the clamps they offered that had a higher temp rating.  They arrived 3 days after ordering and look to be quality.

I opted on ordering a better hose as well.  See parts listed below.

These clamps from McMaster-Carr:

7329K12 Constant-Tension Spring-Band Clamps for Firm Hose and Tube (black-phosphate steel)

McMaster-Carr P/N: 7329K13 (zinc-plated steel – what I ordered)



This hose from Aircraft Spruce:


Part #: 6000-6
Mfr Part #: 8507-21296 BULK


P/N shown but ordered 2′.

P/N and quantity ordered.