Date:Aug. 13, 2019


Brief Description:A few household items and the oil is in the bag!

Finally No Mess IO-540 Oil Change

Alright so the oil filter on the back of the IO-540 is a bit of a challenge to get right.  As my maintenance plan includes changing the oil every 25 hours (oil is cheaper than engines) I have finally perfected the correct way to do it.  I have tried the “unscrew the filter with rags underneath it and flip the filter upright as quickly as possible method”.  This method includes removing the lower cowl prior to the oil change and then spending an hour cleaning the oil that spilled everywhere.  The worst is probably the oil that drips down the nose gear fairing.  NO GOOD!  I then progressed to placing a plastic container as best as possible underneath the oil filter and had similar results.  I purchased an expensive widget from Aircraft Spruce that allows you to punch a hole in the filter and drain the oil out of filter through a tube connected to the hole puncher…..needless to say its impossible to get the tool in place and I now know that Aircraft Spruce does not take returned tools even if they are unused! 

The method I have perfected is as follows:

While the oil is draining from the engine, take safety wire and tape it to the top of a gallon ziploc bag.  Flip the top of the bag down and open the bag.  Take an opened diaper and place inside the bag.  Now this will take a little bit of work to position correctly but you place the opened ziploc under the filter and ensure that the area where the filter and the engine meet is soundly located ABOVE the opening of the bag.  Now spin off the filter until you can see 1/8″ or so of threads and watch ALL THE OIL drip out into your diaper bag.  This takes 2 or 3 minutes.  Now remove the empty filter and set aside upside down on a funnel over your catch pan to drain so you can cut it open later for inspection.  Replace a new filter on the engine and torque and safety wire as required.  Remove the ziploc taking care not to tear the bag open and negate all your hard work to keep things clean.  Totally awesome results and no drips, gymnastics, or frustration.