Date:Feb. 17, 2018


Brief Description:One step backward and three steps forward.

Drilled a few rivets out and mated the rudder halves

Dave McIntire and Bruce Hotz from EAA-74 stopped by to check on my progress and take a look at my work. After they left I started the build day by grinding a flat spot on the ABS portion of my back rivet set so it would allow the set to sit tight against the rudder stiffeners R-1015A-G. Had to drill out and replace about (60) rivets in the rudder skins because they were not flat and had a slant on the shop head from the interference of the back rivet sets spring actuated ABS “pusher”. Got that handled then riveted on R-608PP with nut plate and R-607PP with nut plate onto the R-1002 spar. Completed the mating of the left and right rudder skins and trailing edge R-1006.

Added a nice straight piece of angle aluminum from Home Depot Aircraft Supply to keep the TE straight.  Did not match drill the angle because I did not want to risk any elongation to the TE and rudder skins.  The rudder TE came out very straight.

Had to drill a hole in the table to allow the R-1005 horn through.  This allowed the TE to sit on the aluminum angle I temporarily screwed to the back side of the table.