Date:May. 01, 2018


Brief Description:

Measure twice cut once.....or pay the price!

Got excited to get riveting the VS together.  I missed the line on the plans telling me to assemble the rear spar as seen on page X-X and neglected to put the rear spar caps in-place.  I had an incredibly hard time getting the AN470AD4-7 and AN426AD4-7 rivets to look good but after drilling out and replacing MANY of them I finally got some almost passable rivets.  No wonder it was seeming impossible because the rivets were MUCH longer than they needed to be with with the spar caps missing.  During the drill and replace I got one of the holes just a bit out of spec on the rear spar so I made a wonderful “washer” to correct the mistake.  The rear spar cap will now fill this role once I drill out and ALL the rivets and put them in place.  Two seconds of preparation would erase tenfold the effort to correct the mistake.  No more “powering” through for me and no more working on the airplane short on sleep!