Date:Aug. 01, 2021


Brief Description:If one grin is good, two grins is better.

An RV-8 is joining the family!

When we decided it best to tactically retreat from the RV-10 project (41863) it was bitter sweet.  In the zero sum time game between building and the kids night time routine/book time the decision was painful and also very obvious.  Building was a great idea but the timing was wrong.   Fast forward three years after flying the RV-10 criss-crossing the country and the kids a few years older, it is a much more appropriate time to get into building something.  When I cancelled the RV-10 fuselage and wing kits I was left with a credit at Vans.  I waited as long as they would let me and ordered an RV-8 tail kit before the credit went stale (1 year for those wondering how long the credit lasts).  Now that the time is right and our newly built Hangar has eased the airplane parking problem we are back in the build game! 


Yes Violet and London will be helping me with their new skills she learned at KidVenture 2021.

I had never understood how fun a tailwheel could be until my last flight review in the Cub.  What a wonderful aspect of flying I had simply never experienced.  This and secretly (don’t tell Karrie) I want to get into aerobatics and in order to fly anything really neat you need gobs of tailwheel time to get affordable insurance.  The RV-8 will check a bunch of boxes: tailwheel, light acro, small parking foot print, formation ship, etc.  The fun factor with an RV-8 is off the chart, just ask anyone who gets to fly in one.  Having never flown in one myself I did get lucky enough at Carl’s hangar to get to sit in N7ZK’s younger and skinnier sister.  I got the RV-Grin just hangar flying his.

No, the grin does not wipe off.

#2 and #3 of Carl’s builds.  #1 was an RV-8A and #4 is an RV-10 that he is currently building.

I was waiting to see what the RV-15 was going to be and heard first hand when they announced it at Oshkosh that it would be a high wing and off airport capable.  I also heard them say they had a wooden prototype cockpit in their R&D department and not one made of aluminum yet and that by 2022 Oshkosh they hoped to have a flying example.  With the RV-15 in the distant future the RV-8 was a simple choice.

As it stands (08/01/2021) we ordered a QB fuse and QB wing kit.  Per Vans there are approximately (100) RV-8 QB kits ahead of this one and the lead time is over a year.  This fits our timeline as we are in no rush.  The pressure to have a flying airplane for the family is non-existent thanks to the RV-10.  This will be for fun from top to bottom without a timeline or pressure.