Date:Mar. 07, 2018


Brief Description:Researched and found an affordable label heat shrink printer.

Shrink Tube Printer Purchased

Was looking through a few kitlog builders sites and ran across this wonderful heat shrink label printer Peter McBain had (Peter’s BMP21-Plus).

After taking the Sportair workshop I was aware these labelers existed but could not find one with a decent price point until seeing Peter’s.  Sent Peter an email in Australia and got a positive review of the product and ordered on from Amazon for a shade over $80 and around $42 for a 7′ roll of heat shrink for it.  The BMP-21 comes in two variants currently (-Lab and -Plus.  The blue -Lab model has a few extra greek characters, date stamping, serial number printing among other things,  and the -Plus has a rugged yellow exterior with rubber bumpers.  I opted for the -Plus model.  They run on (6) AA batteries or a 9vdc 3.3amp power supply.

Label Guide (size, type, material, etc)

Brady BMP21-Plus User Guide


Used a flame to shrink tube (the black on the tube is from this) instead of dragging out the heat gun for the test. Printer works great!