Date:Apr. 24, 2018


Brief Description:

VS-1001 Deburr

After building the rudder with all the protective blue coating removed I thought I decided to keep the coating on the VS skin to see if it lessens the scratches (I also saw an EAA article referencing things NEVER TO DO and building with unprotected aluminum was on the list).  It took a good bit of time to burn the rows to access the rivets but I think the end result will have fewer scratches for sure.  Once that was done I deburred the holes in the skin and the remaining holes in the VS ribs and spars with a single flute deburr tool from Cleveland.  I also marked the locations of the empennage fairing screw holes in both the skin, ribs, and rear spar.  I marked them as well as put tape over them so I do not mistakenly dimple them (see the rudder mistake).