Long Island, Bahamas April 18-22 , 2023

John and Amanda planned a trip to Long Island after he got back from deployment.  As luck would have it they invited us to join them.  We landed an hour or so after they did.  They had already picked up our rental car, a 2015 Expedition we named Coco-naughty.  Given the state of the roads there it became apparent if you found yourself as a used car in Ft. Lauderdale at an auto auction, the last place on earth you would want to end up would be this island in the Bahamas.  These roads could serve as proving grounds!  I was thankful that John and Amanda got lucky enough to find a vehicle that would easily transport the (6) of us plus Sammy Dog.  Among the sights we took in included Stella Maris Resorts “Erna’s Natural Pool”, Dean’s Blue Hole, fresh conch salad at Seaside Village, Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort, and Omar’s Island Ting.  We had the beaches to ourselves almost everywhere we went and drank plenty of Goombay Punch.

Erna’s Natural Pool – a large hole carved into the island next to the ocean that fills with sea water.  A nice protected spot to swim in the ocean.

Dean’s Blue Hole – A 663′ deep hole where free-divers test their skills.  We were lucky enough to watch some brave folks descent to 62 meters.  They swim out to the dive platform,  do some special breathing techniques, connect a lanyard with a carabiner to the cable that they preset to their desired depth (platform at the bottom of cable), and disappear into the darkness.  The kids swam out and jumped off the platform.

Seaside Village – nice spot to watch conch get pulled from the water that are tied together.  The zesty salad is rather tasty and is prepared while you wait.

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort – a very nice resort on the north end of the island.  White sand beach with shallow water off its shores.  If you ask nicely the hotel staff will have “one of the boys” prepare coconuts for you to drink from with a straw.  

Omar’s Island Ting – Omar is an exceptional host and entrepreneur who leased the entire bay from the Government.  He has created an event where you park your car, ride a pontoon boat across the bay taking in the baby turtles as they swim,  see the Bahamas first swimming lambs, and enjoy a private beach.  We found lots of sea glass on the ocean side of the bay.  At my request he was kind enough to take us out in another boat looking for conch and sponges.  He is a great guy with lots of knowledge he will share with you.  A plethora of water toys are setup for your enjoyment on the private beach of the bay.

San Salvador while enroute to Long Island.

Skyscraper happy to be on the ramp.

Looking west toward the FBO from the east ramp.

Back of the Customs building.

Welcome to Stella Maris.  This is the ramp to the west of the FBO/customs buildings.  Wendy getting fueled for the trip home.

Sammy dog excited to be with his people.

Coco-naughty after bringing us to the “White House” from the airport.

London excited to be on vacation.

Stella Maris Resort.

Lucky kid.

Virgin pina coladas abound!

London’s first time playing.

Erna’s Natural Pool.  John and I debated if the aliens made it.

Stella Maris Resort beach.

I was leery about the consistency of the internet so I pre-recorded my role at Toastmasters for Wednesday morning for the meeting I would be missing.

Kids first time passing a vehicle in the left.

Dean’s Blue Hole.  John, Violet, and Sammy Dog.

Dean’s Blue Hole.

Bay adjoining Dean’s Blue Hole.  Violet and London in pursuit of Sammy Dog the shark.

Sammy getting after it.

Mermaid Violet and Karrie.

Life is good when you get tired of walking and daddy is there to shoulder the load.

Dean’s Blue Hole.

Seaside Village.  Conch in storage living to the left tied together in groups.

Columbus Monument on north end of island.

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort.

The tree guys delivering the requested coconut drinks.

Kids enjoyed their drinks.

Omar’s Island Ting boarding area next to the parking lot.

First stop in the pontoon is to see the lambs he trained to swim.

The kids enjoyed the interaction with the animals.

Came back from our “date night” to find a surprise birthday party for Karrie.


Standard afternoon build up.  They closed Nassau because of it.  It was interesting to hear ATC divert all the aircraft inbound there.

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