Ogichi Daa Kwe – Boundary Waters Summer Camp June 10, 2023

Back in ’98 a buddy of mine went to a camp on an island in the boundary waters of Canada and Minnesota that his dad had attended to in the 60’s.  Rich in tradition and a place where boys get forged into men I was lucky enough to learn about and attend the camp for two summers in ’99 and ’00 (their 75th season).  Fast forward to my adult life with two girls as luck would have it back in 2005 they opened a girls version of the camp.  Knowing that its selfish to hold something so special to oneself I proposed to each of London’s friends parents the idea of sending them away as “Chickadees” (grades 2-4) to the camp for (10) days.  Two of her friends parents thought this was a good fit and enrolled their kids.  No phone access.  No contact.  These young women can only send and receive stamped letters.

London and I en-route to KRYY to spend the night with Brian, Brandi, and Lucy before a Saturday departure for Minnesota.

Typical line of afternoon convective activity between the peninsula of Florida and the rest of the country.

Pulled the cowl in Mccollum and unfortunately the governor still leaks.  Luckily Brian and Brandi’s “Bubbles” is a short flight away.

London and I watched Lucy’s tryout for a youth hockey league.

Connecting flight in Skyscraper from Mccollum to Calhoun (KRYY-KCZL) to swap in to Bubbles.

Baggage transfer from one plane to the next.

Kids enjoying the shade after a fuel stop.  KEFT Monroe, Wisconsin.

Lucy sleeping on after a late night of hockey.  Almost to Minnesota.

International Falls, MN!

Anne walking the girls up to registration.

Incase you wonder how to say it.

Extremely nice staff at check-in.

London getting her gear squared away before we left.

Lucy on top bunk and London on the bottom bunk.

London and Brynn in front of Dragonfly Cabin.  London’s pink toothbrush bag looking on out the window at right.  Brynn’s bunk in left half of cabin.

Lucy, London, and Brynn.  Excited but have no idea about what is in store for them over the next 10 days.

Brynn, London, and Lucy in front of the canoes they will likely use for their (3) day camping trip up-lake in the middle of their (10) days at camp.

Dining hall.  A bit more civilized than what I remember at Kooch.

This should keep them busy in the afternoons.

Rainy Lake.  Camp Kooch-I-Ching is across the lake.

Last view of the kids before our departure.

Skyscraper back home with the governor pulled.

See you after an overhaul buddy.

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