Total Education Logs: 6

Hours Worked: 35.5

End of and start of

Hours:  6

Mar. 04, 2018

So after using Kitlog for (2) months I gave up.  The idea is great and the logic on the site is wonderful but twice they program would stop allowing me to uploading to the web with one error or another. ...

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EAA Sportair Workshop – Electrical Systems and Avionics Day 2

Hours:  6.5

Feb. 04, 2018

Put a BNC connector on a length of RG58 and assembled a harness with a rheostat to simulate nav lights and panel lights. Most of the tools supplied in the bag. All (5) completed projects from the course.

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EAA Sportair Workshop- Electrical Systems and Avionics Day 1

Hours:  8

Feb. 03, 2018

Learned a whole lot about sizing wires, connectors, and system basics. Built a PM1000 intercom harness for a headset and put some ring connectors and butt splices on 22 and 18 gauge wire. Great takeaway is to plan your panel...

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EAA Sportair Workshop – Sheet Metal Day 2

Hours:  5

Feb. 12, 2017

Finished the sample wing section and came to the conclusion good tools (as in all other aspects of life) are probably worth what they cost. Piper 140 happily on the Sun N Fun war bird ramp in good company for...

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EAA Sportair Workshop – Sheet Metal Day 1

Hours:  8

Feb. 11, 2017

Flew to Lakeland to learn a little bit about sheet metal work.  Learned just enough about sheet metal to complete day one project.

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EAA Sportair Workshop – Whats Involved In Kit Building

Hours:  2

Sep. 14, 2013

Charlie Becker from EAA spent (2) hours putting on the class that went over the basics of kit building.  Not a whole bunch to mention other than it lightly covered regulations, skills, etc.

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