Total Empennage Logs: 3

Hours Worked: 12.4

End of and start of

Hours:  6

Mar. 04, 2018

So after using Kitlog for (2) months I gave up.  The idea is great and the logic on the site is wonderful but twice they program would stop allowing me to uploading to the web with one error or another. ...

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Finish Inventory and Damage Pictures

Hours:  3.4

Jan. 12, 2018

Finished the inventory and was only short (2) pulled rivets. Spent some time taking pictures of various aluminum angle (formed and extruded) as well as the dented skin for the tailcone and sent the pictures to Vans to confirm the...

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Empennage Kit Inventory

Hours:  3.0

Jan. 09, 2018

Received the large box (297#) via Old Dominion from Vans Aircraft. The plywood top of the box was open around the edges in a few places where the staples were pulled from the pine sides and there was a crack...

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