Total Horizontal Stabilizer Logs: 35

Hours Worked: 86.21

HS-1002 Spar, HS-905, HS-904, HS-1004 Deburr holes

Hours:  1.2

Jul. 16, 2018

Un-clecoed the HS-1002 front spar assembly apart to deburr the match drilled holes and also dimpled the HS-905 nose ribs.  

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Replacement HS-1013 Spar Caps – drill and deburr holes. Match Drill HS-1002 Front Spar

Hours:  5

Jul. 15, 2018

Used (8) 1/2″ cleco clamps to hold each HS-1013 spar caps in place to drill the #30 holes.  Deburred the holes per plans then match drilled the #40 holes to finish size as I am unable to match drill the...

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Countersink HS-1003 Rear Spar

Hours:  5

Jul. 14, 2018

The HS skins are already dimpled so match drilling is not going to happen.  I final drilled the rear spar holes with a #40 bit and then countersunk to the proper .007″ deeper than the standard countersink for a rivet...

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Match Drill Replacement HS-906 Spar Doubler, HS-1003 Rear Spar, and HS-912 Hinge Brackets

Hours:  1.25

Jul. 12, 2018

Match drilled all the holes in the replacement horizontal stabilizer and the spar doubler and hinge brackets.  All of these are new parts.

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Deburr Replacement HS-1007 Douber, HS-906 Doubler, and HS-905s

Hours:  2.6

Jul. 01, 2018

So after drilling out all the rivets in the HS parts to salvage from the over countersunk spars I decided to REPLACE all the parts instead.  My thought is that I want all the holes to match as closely as...

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Replacment HS-1002 and HS-1003 Spar Deburr

Hours:  2.75

Jun. 30, 2018

On the first set of HS spars I used a coupon method to check the depth of the countersink.  If you are unaware of how this is done I will not educate you with the wrong method.  Suffice to say...

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Drill out HS-1002 and HS-1003 Spars

Hours:  1.3

Jun. 28, 2018

Used the AN470 rivet removal tool as well as a few drill bits to get to work on the spars to salvage the doublers, hinge brackets, spar caps, and HS-1008A/B brackets.  The dome rivet removal tool is well worth the...

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Bob Kosar Project Visit! Rivet Shank Removal Tool

Hours:  2

Jun. 27, 2018

Bob Kosar (EAA74 member and turbine kit helicopter builder) was kind enough to stop by and take a look at my progress.  As I recently discovered that my “coupon” method of countersinking the HS spars is no good I thought...

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HS-1001 Skin Dimpling Complete. Elevator parts roundup.

Hours:  0.92

Jun. 25, 2018

Finished dimpling the HS skins and started collecting the elevator parts.  The DRDT-2, pneumatic squeezer, and close quarters dimple die kit worked very well.  My steel mandrels for the close quarters dimple die did not last long enough for the...

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HS-1001 Skin Dimple

Hours:  1.25

Jun. 24, 2018

Used the DRDT-2 to hit the rivet holes inthe field and the pneumatic squeezer for the holes near the edge and the Cleaveland close quarters dimple die set for the forward two holes on the nose ribs.  All went really...

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HS-1001 Skin Dimple – DRDT-2

Hours:  4.75

Jun. 21, 2018

Started out by removing the blue plastic from the rivet lines with my butane powered soldering iron.  The torch produces enough heat to allow you to run up and down the skin rather quickly and melt the blue plastic with...

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Countersink HS Spars and Stringers (Two steps backwards and lots of learning)

Hours:  3.25

Jun. 20, 2018

Got out the micro stop counter sink to the HS spars and stringers.  I used a “coupon” made from the same thickness material of the skins (.025″) that had a hole drilled to size and dimpled to gauge the countersink...

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Deburr HS Ribs and Front Spar Holes

Hours:  2

Jun. 11, 2018

Spent some time deburring the match drilled holes in the HS front spar and ribs.  I like using a 1″ wheel on a die grinder a whole lot better to get rid of the burrs.  It is rather tricky to...

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HS-1001 Skins Match Drilled and HS-1016 Stringer Web installed.

Hours:  4

Jun. 10, 2018

Clecoed the HS-1016 stringer web to the forward stringer assembly and used the angle drill to match drill the associated holes.  Put a #40 bit in the drill then match drilled all the holes in the skins.  I used a...

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HS-1001 Skins Meet Cradles, Front/Rear Spars, and Ribs

Hours:  3.1

Jun. 07, 2018

Started by deburring the HS-1001 skins using the vixen file to knock off the nubs from the manufacture process followed by a few passes with the die grinder and 3m wheel.  Next installed the HS cradles, skins, HS-905 nose ribs,...

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HS-1002 Front Spar, HS-905 Nose Ribs, HS-1004/904 Inspar Ribs match drilled.

Hours:  1.3

Jun. 06, 2018

Clecoed the HS-905, HS-1004, and HS-905 ribs to the HS-1002 front spar and match drilled per the plans.  I did use the 90 degree drill attachment for the first time to match drill the inboard HS-905/HS-1004 holes into the HS-1002...

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HS-1002 Front Spar Rivet Cont., Modify HS-1004 and HS-905

Hours:  1.7

Jun. 05, 2018

Put the (18) AN426AD3-4.5 rivets called out in the flanges of the front spar near the doubler then modified the HS-1004 inspar ribs per the plans.  I used a dremel with a cutoff wheel in it to rough cut the...

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Rivet HS-1002 Front Spar together (HS-1007,HS-1013, and HS-1008

Hours:  1.5

Jun. 04, 2018

Squeezed the HS-1002 front spar together per Page 8-6 step 1.  The pneumatic squeezer did a nice job on the rivets with the longeron yoke installed.  I did have to use a smaller diameter flat set on the yoke so...

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HS Front Spar Deburr Complete and Primed

Hours:  4

Jun. 03, 2018

Disassembled the HS-1002 front spar assembly (HS-1002 front spar, HS-1007 spar doubler, HS-1013 front spar caps, and HS-1008 front spar attachment brackets), deburred all the holes with the 1″ EXL wheel on the die grinder, red scotch-brited the parts under...

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HS-1008L/R Front Spar Attachment Brackets Done and Match Drilled.

Hours:  2.5

May. 31, 2018

After measuring about ten times I got the center punch and located the holes in the HS-1008L/R parts and drilled them per plans.  I then mounted them on some scrap aluminum angle with a pair of C clamps and match...

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Hours:  1.5

May. 30, 2018

The replacement AA6-187X2X2 1/2X5 stock came from Vans.  Took the Dewalt friction saw and cut the HS-1008R from the stock making the cut about 1/8″ from the finish width dimension (1-1/2″ and 1-21/32″ respectively).  Then loaded each part into a vise...

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HS-1003 Rear Spar primed and riveting begun.

Hours:  5.5

May. 28, 2018

Wet scuffed with red scotch-brite them primed both the HS-906 rear spar doubler and HS-1003 rear spar before getting started with the rivets.  Riveted the HS-906 in place then all the HS-912 hinge brackets with rivets rolled in wet primer...

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HS-1008L/R Front Spar Attachment Bracket

Hours:  0.3

May. 24, 2018

Took the AA6-187x2x2-1/2 angle and marked the dimensions using my flexible steel ruler from the then loaded it into my Dewalt friction saw.  I made the first cut successfully and was working on the second but the material was...

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HS-1002 Front Spar and HS-1013 Front Spar Caps Match Drilled

Hours:  2

May. 23, 2018

Took the (2) HS-1013 front spar caps I previously trimmed and deburred and nested them one by one into the HS-1002 front spar.  I used the smaller cleco clamps (1/2″ I think) to hold them down tight to get rid...

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HS-1002 Spar Deburr

Hours:  1.1

May. 22, 2018

Used the 1″ 3m 7A wheel on the die grinder then followed up with the 1″ EXL wheel to deburr the holes.  Hit the straight edges with a vixen file then the a 2″3m 7A wheel on the second die...

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HS Deburr Cont. HS-1013, HS-1014, and HS-1015

Hours:  2.1

May. 20, 2018

Got the replacement HS parts out (prior parts were damaged in original delivery) and inventoried the work I completed a few months back on the other HS parts.  I deburred the edges of the HS-1013 front spar caps, HS-1014 Long...

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HS-911 Inboard Hinge meets VA-146 Bearing

Hours:  0.5

Mar. 14, 2018

Per the plans used a #30 in the air drill for the 6 holes up top and a #12 in the drill press for the holes in the returns on the bottom (of the picture).  Followed this up with the...

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HS-912 Hinge Bracket and HS-906 Rear Spar Doubler to HS-1003 Rear Spar – Match Drill and Hole Deburr

Hours:  0.83

Mar. 13, 2018

Got Sioux Palm Drill out with #12 and #30 bits, the Ryobi electric screwdriver with single flute 100 degree deburr tool, and a 1″ EXL wheel chucked in the die grinder.  Match drilled all the common holes and deburred.  

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HS-1003 Rear Spar Meets HS-906 Doubler

Hours:  2

Mar. 12, 2018

Used the 3/8″ belt sander with 180 grit followed by two passes with a V-blade edge deburring tool, die grinder with 2″ blue scotch brite, then a 1″ 3M EXL wheel to deburr the flanges on the HS-1003 rear spar. ...

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HS-1004 Inspar Rib Deburr Complete

Hours:  2.5

Mar. 11, 2018

 Finished deburr of the remaining HS-1004 inspar ribs today.  Now all of the ribs for the HS are deburred.  Replacement HS spars should arrive tomorrow to replace the original two that were bent in the initial shipment as well as...

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HS-1004 Deburring with Karrie.

Hours:  3

Mar. 09, 2018

Decided to get some deburring finished rather than build the doubler for the VOR antenna atop the HS.  The recessed flanges on the HS-1004 ribs make it a bit more challenging as they flanges are not all on the same...

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HS904 Inspar Rib and HS905 Nose Rib Deburr Complete

Hours:  2.3

Mar. 08, 2018

Finished deburring the remaining (1) HS904 and (5) HS905 using the 6″ DA 320 grit paper folder over and torn into pieces like floss along with the 2″ 7A and 1″EXL wheels on die grinders.  ATS sanding devise seen in...

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End of and start of

Hours:  6

Mar. 04, 2018

So after using Kitlog for (2) months I gave up.  The idea is great and the logic on the site is wonderful but twice they program would stop allowing me to uploading to the web with one error or another. ...

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HS-905 Deburr Part 2

Hours:  2.36

Jan. 29, 2018

Got an additional (6) HS-905 deburred. The Dremel Scotch Brite deburr cone tool made from 1″ 7a cut and polish wheel make the inside of the part much easier to process. The cones do not last all that long but...

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Horizontal Stabilizer Deburr Begins

Hours:  2.85

Jan. 29, 2018

Got some of the HS parts out and pulled off the blue plastic. I am waiting for VS and Rudder parts to come (trim tab servo, conduit etc) so started deburring. Got HS-1007 HS-906 (1) HS-904 (1) HS-905 done. Went...

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