Total Research Logs: 10

Hours Worked: 24.6

RV-8 Aluminum Airfoil Landing Gear


Aug. 06, 2021

These upgraded gear legs from Sky Designs are really nice.  They replace the (2) steel gear legs and fiberglass gear leg fairings that Vans would supply with (2) machined piece of aluminum shaped into an airfoil and shed approximately 15...

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RV-8 Build (83818) – Ordering Kits and Research

Hours:  0

Aug. 01, 2021

When we decided it best to tactically retreat from the RV-10 project (41863) it was bitter sweet.  In the zero sum time game between building and the kids night time routine/book time the decision was painful and also very obvious. ...

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Sun N Fun 2018


Apr. 14, 2018

RV-10 Specific – A few thoughts after speaking with RV-10 builders at the event: Be careful about weight.  Everyone I spoke with had “the heavy one (RV-10)”. The Vic Syracuse electric trim tab in the rudder was in 3 of...

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Ground Power

Hours:  3

Mar. 27, 2018

After a few hours of research and a call to Bob Nuckolls (602) 886-3403 from AeroElectric Connection I ordered the parts for the external ground power jack from B&C Specialty Products and Aircraft Spruce.  Bob is a super nice guy and...

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End of and start of

Hours:  6

Mar. 04, 2018

So after using Kitlog for (2) months I gave up.  The idea is great and the logic on the site is wonderful but twice they program would stop allowing me to uploading to the web with one error or another. ...

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Decision on Rudder Trim

Hours:  3.1

Jan. 26, 2018

Finally made the decision to proceed with the electric rudder trim and ordered the Ray Allen T2-7A servo kit, 50′ of 11-01579 wire teflon insulation (26 gage – 5 wire), some 11-04275 black expandable sleeve (also in various diameters), and...

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Research Rudder Trim

Hours:  1

Jan. 25, 2018

I have narrowed rudder trim down to three options.  1. Spring Bias mounted under the panel. Advantages – easy install, less points of failure (no electrical, switches, etc), also provides for light duty gust lock on the rudder...

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Static Wicks/Rudder Trim

Hours:  1.5

Jan. 24, 2018

After research and a phone call to Vans decided against static wicks. For the time to install them and the approximate expense of $864 the value they might bring does not warrant the effort. Stumbled onto Vic Syracuse rudder trim...

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Research/Order VOR/GS/LOC antenna

Hours:  5.0

Jan. 19, 2018

After much research came up with something like this. Can be found at VAF thread Ordered From Aircraft Spruce: (5) MS35265-48 832 X 7/8 COARSE FILLISTER MS SLOTTED (1) 11-06806 COMANT CI-158C-2 VOR LOC GS ANTENNA BNC (5)...

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Research VOR/GS/LOC antenna

Hours:  5

Jan. 18, 2018

Hours diretly related to VOR/GS/LOC antenna research.

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