Date:May. 17, 2018


Brief Description:

So I found it rather difucult to locate the male dimple die in the skins for the VS when I was dimpling them in the DRDT-2.  I did see where a guy had taken apart a laser, done some soldering and made a laser sight for his dimpler.  While I was on Cleaveland Tools website I ran across a ready made solution for $25!  It is very well done and for the time spent foraging for parts you could not built it.  The battery box with switch has magnets built onto it to keep it whereever you place it on your metal tool.  The laser holder/standoff is also adjustable and has a large magnet attached on it as well.  The laser itself has an adjustable “filter” that will allow you to focus the cross that it products. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up.  Now the only thing left is the test of time for longevity.