Date:Mar. 04, 2018


Brief Description:Took all of the info from Kitlog site and replicated/updated to

Copy, paste, move pictures, rinse, repeat

So after using Kitlog for (2) months I gave up.  The idea is great and the logic on the site is wonderful but twice they program would stop allowing me to uploading to the web with one error or another.  I spent about an hour and a half the first time the errors would pop up trying to solve the problem.  I was successful the first time it happened (within the first month I started using the program).  The second time it happened I was unable to solve it and my phone calls went unanswered or returned so I decided it was time to head another route with a little bit more effort but infinitely more control over the system.  With a some tech support I would be a fan of Kitlog but at this time I cannot recommend it to anyone and have obviously gone another route.  Consequently when I was trying to re-double my effort and take the build logs/entries the kitlog.mdb file on my computer was completely gone?  I have no idea what happened to my .mdb file and have yet to receive a response from Kitlog tech support.