Date:Mar. 02, 2018


Brief Description:Always check the countersink depth prior to using and use a template scrap dimple to confirm depth.

Finished rolled edge of rudder and began LE of rudder tip.

Worked the leading edge of the rudder again with the 1-1/4″ bar, clecoed them together, match drilled, deburred, put a slight bend in the outer skin, and blind riveted them together.  I did scuff the exterior of the inner skin and paint primer on and let dry prior to mating the two skins.  The P60G2 is rather nasty stuff and I am debating selecting another type of primer for the rest of the build.  Per the plans we used a wooden block setup clamped into place to bend the top of the rudder for the counter balance.  I did not find it necessary to use a hammer as I was able to bend them with a 4″ wide piece of wood and hand pressure.  Countersunk the weight, dimpled the holes in the skins, and match drilled the holes for the nut places.