Date:Apr. 01, 2018


Brief Description:

HobbyAir 2 Installed

After much contemplation I decided to place the hobby air inside my office, drill a hole through the office wall into the garage, and then drill a hole through the exterior concrete block to place the “thru wall fitting” in the wall from the garage to the exterior of the house.  This will allow me to use the 10′ section of hose they send with the their $55 thru wall fitting to go from the unit to the thru wall fitting.  The fitting is standard galvanized pipe with some threads cut onto the ends, a male and a female garden hose thread, and a few nuts with washers.  The remaining 80′ of hose I got with the HobbyAir 2 will go outside when I need it.  The HobbyAir 2 comes with a variable speed control as well as a flow meter.  I did turn the unit on briefly to see how the variable speed works and it works great.  One thing I did not previously think about with air flowing through the full face mask is that the air will be blowing around your eyes as well.  I only had the mask on for a brief few moments and I did not set the flow with the flow meter but it did seem that your eyes can dry out from the vortex of air!  Additionally the thru wall fitting still had some type of cutting lubricant on the inside from when they cut the pipe and threads.  I simply took some grease cutting dish soap and cleaned the inside of the galvanized pipe with a cut piece of rag and water.  In order to get the 10″ thru wall fitting to work in my concrete block I needed to make some spacers.  I did this with 2×4 sections and an additional cut up paint stick between them to get the correct dimension.  I also took some scrap aluminum and made a washer for the exterior side.  I need to buy a cap to screw onto the exterior to keep water etc from entering the hose.  The threads used throughout the unit and supplied hoses are standard garden hose thread so finding a cap should be easy.  One of the advantages of placing the unit in the office is the air conditioned air that will be pumped through the hose.  I have read that the air getting pumped through the hose can get hot.  Hopefully the cooler air from inside the house will help with this.


HobbyAir 2 unit sitting behind printer in the office. 

Inside garage.  Drywall side goes to office.  2×4 side goes to exterior and contains thru wall fitting.

Exterior of house.