Date:Feb. 18, 2018


Brief Description:Two steps forward, one step backwards.

Spar to skin rivets on left side skin squeezed.

With the rudder sitting flat on the table I decided to push forward and install the R-1002 spar into the rudder. I was able to squeeze all the rivets on the left hand side of the rudder (thats the side accessible while it sits on the table) except the rivets in the top of the rudder where the spar meets the R-1003A/B top rib as well as the rivets that join the top rib parts together R-1003A and R-1003B. Got out the 3x gun and bucking bar for those. The (2) rivets between the spar flange and the top rib were not up to spec so I drilled them out and went again. Second time still no joy so I drilled them out again this time to find some elongated holes. A little research and it appears this has happened before and an AN bolt will replace these rivets. Will call Vans support to confirm this before proceeding.

R-1003A/B Top Rib to R-1002 Spar flange rivet holes elongated top view.

R-1002 Spar flange rivet holes (at top of spar and bottom of R-1003A/B)

4″ no hole yoke got all the skin rivets except a few at the bottom where the longeron yoke was better.