Date:Mar. 15, 2020


Brief Description:

EZ-40 tug update for RV-10

After pushing the -10 up the ever so sight hill into the hangar I decided it best to buy a tug.  After surveilling what was available I found a nice used EZ-40 for sale in Sarasota.  Unsure if it would fit in the baggage area of the -10 I flew over with some tools and $600.  I did have to remove the engine and handle bar but it did fit into the baggage area of the -10.  It came with adapters for a Bonanza.  I put the stock tug up to the wheel pant and with the arm “open” it was extremely close to the front of the wheel pant. The Bonanza adapters that came with my used unit would have worked if I flipped them around backwards and reamed the inside dimension of the steel tube to accept the bolts on the nosegear but the tug arm clearance would still be an issue. I also did not like the set screws in the .125″ steel holding the adapters in place as this may allow the adapters to move (I opted to weld the new adapter pins in place). I did not like the extremely marginal clearance as I could see one day bumping the wheel pant and damaging it. I decided to add 2″ extensions to the front of the tug. I took some 1″ x 2″ x .125 square tube steel I had laying around, bought some 3/4″ round tube steel from Lowes for $9 for the new pins and welded them on the front. The tug manufacturer does sell $175 adapters for the RV-10 that I opted not to purchase that would also have also solved this problem.

For the other nosewheel RVs I would imagine just flipping bored out factory Bonanza adapters would work as the wheel pant is most likely smaller in depth from the front of the wheel pant to the tow bar pin/bolts on the nosegear.

Standard tug with Bonanza adapters.  Clearance between the front of the wheel pant and “swinging arm” actuator of tug is a bit close.

Stock tug with Bonanza adapter flipped around.

Stock tug with Bonanza adapter flipped around.

$9 solution welded to the front of the tug.  Problem solved.

See additional clearance between fairing and tug with new ends welded on.

Splurged and added some wheels to the back supports on the tug so it can roll around hangar and not scuff the floor.