Date:Feb. 24, 2018


Brief Description:Used modified back rivet set to back rivet per plans the TE of the rudder.

Rudder Trailing Edge Rivets Done

Took the squeezer and after the glue had dried on the TE I was able to flip the rudder over and squeeze the left hand skin to spar rivets.  The 4″ no hole yoke works but the 3″ standard yoke has much less of a tendency to fold a rivet over.  I took one of my back rivet sets apart by removing the pin that holds on the plastic portion and spring.  This gave me a “suicide” set that was completely flat on the end and about 3/8″ in diameter.

Once the rivets are initially set and have a slight angle on them it would be best to switch to a mushroom set that is convex so you can not hit the skin.  On second rivet from right you can see where the rivet set touched the skin.  Takes a lot of effort if not impossible to miss the skin with the flat – modified back rivet set.

Modified back rivet set with plastic sleeve and spring removed.

Skin looks weird near first few rivets but that is a reflection from the shop.