Date:Feb. 25, 2020


Brief Description:

I have owned and tried many headlamps.  The headlamps that use a band around you head give me a headache after a while negating their usefulness for me.  I thought about taping one to the top of my headset headband but then found this devise that clips onto the headset boom.  As red was previously my night vision – lamp color I did some reading on the issue and decided that a white light that is dim is not any worse than red for night vision.  These FLITELite are awesome.  It is dimmable and remembers the previous setting.  I leave it permanently on my headset boom.  No fumbling to find the headlamp when the sun goes does.  Just click this baby’s power button on and you are set.  I did notice that it will draw down the batteries over the course of months of sitting.  A small price to pay for its miniature size and big function.