Date:Jul. 06, 2019


Brief Description:Super sweet jack that won't break the bank!

Cost effective jack.

Carl showed me his super awesome wing jack for working on the main gear.  

Need to build: a Harbor Freight 3 ton jack with the flat bottom, scrap of aluminum plate, a 2×6, galvanized floor flange (1″ diameter I think), (2) large hose clamps, a stick of conduit, a piece of carpet, and some wood screws.  Drill four holes in the bottom of the jack and screw to the base plate 2×6 X.  Cut conduit and flatten/bend ends in a vise.  Drill holes in one end of conduit and screw to wood outrigger X.  Once all (4) conduit supports are installed place the large hose clamp(s) atop the jack and secure to conduit.  Now its onto the top plate.  Take the wood and put the scrap aluminum under the galvanized floor flange and screw to the wood.  This flange will ensure the jack cannot slip off the wood while still allowing it to pivot when the angle to the wing changes as it is jacked.  The scrap aluminum will ensure no point load is placed on the same spot on the soft wood leading to damage/cracked wood.  Now staple or screw the carpet to the top. 

To use the jack, make sure the jack piston is centered on the spar and the inboard end of the wood is outside the outboard edge of the fuel tank.  Works like a charm.