Corn Maze and Kennedy Creek Resort GA87, Suches Georgia

Last year I had a grand plan to take the kids to the largest corn maze in the US but was unable to get the trip together.  The Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove, Illinois was at the top of my list with its 28 acre corn maze and host of other attractions.

Fast forward to this year and we developed a plan to camp at a spot that our friends Brian and Brandi found through their STOL buddies.  We flew into GA87 “High Valley Airpark” with its 2,000′ long grass strip in Suches, GA.  GA87 is home to the Kennedy Creek Resort.  The field has a grass runway that is about 40′ wide with deep ditches running along side and tall trees near both ends.  We did a low pass over Runway 20 to take a closer look at the wind sock, field conditions, and get a sight picture of what the approach to landing would look like.   The windsock was ever so slightly favoring runway 02.  Making left traffic to runway 02 we approached the trees off the end of the runway at 70 knots.  After clearing the trees we nosed down and did a slip to just over the wood fence at the end of runway 02 and eased onto the grass before gently applying the brakes as the flaps came up with heavy back pressure on the stick.  We were approximately 2,315 pounds when we landed so a fair bit short of our gross weight of 2,700 pounds.  Had I not felt 100% confident with the situation our backup plan was to fly into Lumpkin County and catch a ride to Kennedy Creek by car.  About 20 minutes after landing Brian flew in solo in his RV-10 with his wife and daughter a few hours in trail in their car.  Brian also invited one of their friends from the Atlanta area who brought his (2) daughters.

Kennedy Creek Resort has individual bunks in a bunk house you can rent, glamping tents with king beds inside, and a varying array of cabins.  We were lucky enough to get into one of the canvas tents.  The bunks, canvas tents, and smaller cabins had access to common bathrooms and showers.  Mrs. Wood (who seemed to be the operator of the resort) was a gracious and accommodating host.  The resort served us breakfast and dinner on the outdoor, covered seating area.  I believe they would also serve lunch although we were never around to find out.  Firewood was also available for a fire in various pits scattered around seating areas spread throughout the facility.  After letting the kids play the rest of the day and into the evening we nestled into the tent to sleep.  Conveniently enough there was a small electric heater in the tent to keep things comfortable.  After waking up the next morning we enjoyed breakfast at 8:30 and relaxed until mid day when we loaded up in the RV-10 for a short flight to Tom David Field Airport (KCZL) where we borrowed a courtesy car to drive to the Copper Creek Farm to enjoy their corn maze and festivities.  Unknown to us the schools in Georgia let out for the week so the farm was rather busy.  The parking was a bit challenging with a single lane bridge that served both directions of traffic into and out of the parking lot.  Of interest, the farm had a massive pumpkin cannon.  This cannon had an air tank that was likely 500 gallons in size.  When they “fired” it, the 10 pound pumpkin flew hundreds of yards into a nearby wooded hillside.  It was rather impressive.  Aside from the pumpkin cannon, the kids took in a pig race, zip line, small corn maze, and prospecting for colorful rocks.  The most interesting thing that took place at the farm was when Brandi’s flight instructor did a low pass around the farm his MD-500 a few hundred feet off the deck doing a steep turn around a point.  

After leaving the farm we stopped at a rock garden Brian had uncovered a  during his research of the area.  The rock garden was actually a prayer garden for a local church.  Each of the many structures had been modeled after a famous structure somewhere in the world.  My personal favorite was the Colosseum.  After enjoying the rock garden we hopped back in the white Ford Taurus and got on our way to Buc-ees for some snacks.  If you have never seen a Buc-ees I can best describe it as this:  if CVS, Arby’s, 7-11, and Walmart had a kid, it would look a lot like Buc-ees.  With 100+ gas pumps the store is rather impressive in size and has everything from a hot brisket sandwich to pajamas.  

After pickup up some jerky from the jerky bar we loaded up and drove back to the Tom David Field, topped off with Avgas, and made the short 20 minute hop to High Valley Airpark.  Another night filled with smores, kids and glowsticks.  

The following morning we packed up our things and loaded the plane before we took a short drive over to the Chattahoochee National Forest, Woody Gap Recreation Area.  This Woody Gap Recreation Area is a 20 mile hike from the southern end of the Appalachian trail.  We hiked 1.1 miles north to Preacher’s Rock.  Preachers Rock offered a nice view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  After snapping a few pictures we headed back down the mountain for the short drive back to the resort before loading up in Skyscraper for the 2 hour and 15 minute flight home.  

On the flight home Atlanta center let us know to be on the lookout for same direction Mooney traffic that we were overtaking by 30 knots.  That felt nice!  

Arrival into GA87 runway 02 from air.

Arrival into GA87 runway 02 from ground.

RV-10 Landing from above.

Shortly after arrival.

Glamping tents.


General seating area where where the resort serves meals.  Notice Karrie working on school work.

Brian and girls coming down off of corn maze tower bridge.

My favorite from the rock garden, the Colosseum.

Enjoying a RARE Icee courtesy of Buc-ees, Calhoun.

Parking area for the Appalachian Trail entrance near the Kennedy Creek Resort.

Preacher’s Rock.  Group is just right of center with Violet walking left in the pink.

(5) kids enjoying the AT with their dads close behind.

Not far from the parking area on our way down from Preacher’s Rock.

Departing GA87 runway 02.

Preacher’s Rock on hillside just right of center with Kennedy Creek in back right.

 6 hours round trip with engine running (including day trip to KCZL),

68.04 gallons of Avgas burned,

0.4 hours of IMC,

1,021 miles flown.

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