Hurricane Dorian Relief – MYEH – North Eleuthera Airport, Bahamas 09/09/2019

Shortly after acquiring our RV-10 I contacted Angel Flights as we finally had a craft capable of taking someone a considerable distance at a considerable speed.  I was sad when I found out that experimental aircraft are excluded from carrying human cargo for Angel Flights Southeast.  I did find out that the RV-10 could be used to carry relief supplies though.  Hurricane Dorian gave opportunity to haul 480 pounds of food, coolers, water, and cloth/paper goods to the Bahamas.  I departed KISM Kissimmee for KFXE Fort Lauderdale Executive to pickup donations Banyan (FBO there) had collected that Angel Flights Southeast wanted flown over.  Banyan loaded up a pallet with 480 pounds of supplies and used a forklift to drop it near the baggage door on the -10.  I was surprise how many aircraft were there being loaded to carry goods over.  It was a busy operation.  After loading all the gear in the plane, including a 40 pack of half litres of water in a 65 liter backpack strapped into the co-pilot seat, John and I (hangar buddy who came on the trip with his Mooney) got on the horn and tried to pickup our IFR clearances.  We were told it would be 2 hours before we would be given our clearance so I suggested to him that we fly VFR.  Shortly after that I updated my EAPIS and took off for MYEH North Eleuthera as Angel Flight 3855.  A quick flight later and I found myself unloading the cargo into a pickup truck that would take the aid to a boat that would intern distribute it where it was needed.  North Eleuthera was not hit hard by the storm and their facilities were intact.  Earlier in the week Angel Flights had cancelled their missions to the hard hit regions as there were reports of small arms fire at relief aircraft and rerouted their future missions to North Eleuthera.  The Bahamian customs officials were rather lax as we departed to head back to KFXE to go through customs back in Florida.  After departing Ft. Lauderdale Exec and enroute back to Kissimmee we flew in loose formation and over John’s house and wife shot a video.  Sweet! 


Hangar full of goods looking for a ride to the Bahamas.

480 pounds of awesome on my pallet.

Everything fit just right.

Descending to land.

Loading the relief supplies into a truck for distribution by boat.

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