After a nice visit in LA with the kids spending quality time with Grandma and Grandpa our return trip was looming.  I decided that we could see some new countryside heading to the north of LA.  This time we departed runway 30 at Whiteman and took a right hook around the Angeles National Forest and Mt. San Antonio.  The mountain was capped with snow (London and Violet’s first time seeing snow!).  Not too long after departure we ran across Victorville.  WOW!  Massive hardware sitting on the ramp, taxiways, and shutdown runway. 73 and 747s, A380s, and everything in between sitting there stacked in rows.  A little while further into the flight we flew near Sedona, AZ.  The redrock in Sedona is truly amazing.  Sedona (KSEZ) is on a plateau above the surrounding city.  If we had more time I would have loved to land and check it out.  As the day was perfect for flying there was a lot of local traffic flying in Sedona. 

Our next stop was in New Mexico.  The last time we flew through New Mexico (in the summer heat) we stopped at Mid Valley E98 and got some cheap fuel and found out that there is no public restroom on the field.  We were lucky enough to meet some really nice people who invited us into their hangar home for lunch (and restroom).  This time we stopped in Belen KBRG just to the south of E98.  Fuel was fair but more importantly the facility has a nice pilot lounge with computer, phone, and restroom.  My T-Mobile service was no help to file the next leg of our flight to Dallas (T31) as I had NO service.  The weather forecast included the possibility of a thin cloud deck a few thousand feet AGL and below the freezing level.  We departed Belen for Dallas.  Icing is something that in our home turf of Florida is something in a text book.  Icing in Dallas on New Years day is real!  The Dynon told us the temperature was 6 degrees above freezing at 5,000 MSL when we dropped through the 1000’ thick cloud deck with tops at 3,800′ MSL and bases about 2300’ AGL.  We landed runway 35 and called it a night. 

Upon our departure from T31 (2) days later we found a favorable tail wind that allowed us to average about 200 knots on the way home making the hop from Dallas to Orlando nonstop (966 miles in a straight line)!   Smooth air the whole way.

We logged 12 hours,

0.5 hours of IMC,

burned 130 gallons of Avgas,

flew 2,241 miles.

Grandpa’s ’53 on the ramp at Whiteman (KWHP)

Loading bags into the cavernous RV-10 baggage compartment.

Getting ready for departure.

Mt. San Antonio just NW of Los Angeles.

Victorville, CA Covid-19 parked airplanes.

Victorville, CA Covid-19 parked airplanes.


Sedona, AZ (KSEZ).

Cloud deck above Dallas.


Dropped below the deck in Dallas.

Final runway 35 at Aero Country (T31).


Final runway 25 at Orlando Executive (KORL).

Los Angeles, CA (KWHP) to Belen, NM (KBRG)

Belen, NM (KBRG) to Dallas, TX (T31)

Dallas, TX (T31) to Orlando, FL (KORL)

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