Oshkosh 2021 Edition 07/24/2021 – 07/28/2021

With Karrie working on her masters degree she couldn’t make the trip (she didn’t trust Osh internet to submit her papers!).  This left me and the girls (4 and 6) for the adventure.  We loaded up Skyscraper on Saturday and took off for our journey to Wisconsin.  The trip up was uneventful albeit a little longer than it could have been due to the headwind on the second leg.  As is typical Atlanta gave us an amended route that took us off our direct line.  If the visibility had been a bit better we would have cancelled IFR and flown it with flight following.

1st leg with a super fast stop for fuel and the bathroom.  I know what you are thinking……  25 minutes from landing to take off.  Well fueling the plane and getting the kids to the bathroom in that period of time is lightning fast!


Just under the 8pm wire for the mandatory engine shut down.  WooHoo!  Despite the headwind the Rv-10 plugged away.

Saturday before the show they stopped arrivals at 8pm.  This means by 8pm the prop must be stopped and the plane parked.  Translating this into making the arrival – if you are not at the Endeavor Bridge (or whatever the current starting point) by 7:20 they will turn you away.  After taking my time at the house earlier in the day setting Karrie up for success by mowing the yard and doing a little laundry we cut it a bit closer getting there than I would have liked thanks to the headwind.  I was not really excited at the idea of diverting, setting up the tent and putting it away solo with the kids as its a rather time consuming process.  When we got in the vicinity, they were using Endeavor Bridge (VPENV).  We brought the RV-10 to a crawl at 90 knots and got in line.

Luckily we did not have to hold anywhere.

Ag plane doing work just south of the arrival procedure.

Was fun to watch him.  I wonder if he was wishing he was headed to Osh or just happy his day was almost over?

After departing Fisk we were given runway 27.

About to turn downwind for runway 27.  Lots of planes in the north 40.

Just after landing Saturday evening.

Good morning Oshkosh!  Just after sunrise on Sunday.

We parked in almost the exact spot we had in 2019.

Only slightly disappointed at the RV-15 information released.  Metal, high wing bush plane with a stick. Nothing else.

Friends (Hazel, London, Amelia, Violet, and Lucy), face paint, and donuts.  Albuquerque, Atlanta, Orlando, and New Jersey represented here.  Thanks Vans Aircraft!  Little kids are like magnets that multiply.

Building Estes rockets on day 1 at KidVenture .

A little storm on Tuesday night.  The tent got moving but the stakes and guy wires did their jobs.

On day 2 at KidVenture “Spud” made that engine come alive and captivated the kids.  He was excellent!  Thanks Spud!

Hanging out at the Lyco-saurus booth.

Playing in the sand under the shade of the Orbis MD-10 on Tuesday.

Jimmy Cox of James Aircraft and Tom hanging out before we loaded up the tent to depart Wednesday and beat the forecast storm.

One of the kids new Osh friend getting ready to depart Wednesday morning with her grandpa.  

Our plan was to depart Thursday morning after watching the Wednesday night Airshow.  With a rather nasty Wednesday night forecast of potential hail, and possibility of a derecho, not to mention the Wednesday night airshow was cancelled, we decided to take our departure a day early and left Wednesday mid day instead of our previously planned Thursday morning.  After seeing a Dirty Jobs episode in 2007 with Mike Row featuring Mackinac Island I had put it on my list of places I wanted to visit.  With our departure from Oshkosh a day early we made a quick hop to Mackinac Island KMCD to see what the island was all about.  Flying over water is something we often do living in Florida.  Flying over 68 degree water with a 4 and 6 year old on the other hand is a bit more to think about.  We decided to keep over the shore despite having life vests onboard.



7.6 hours with the engine running,

0.6 hours IMC,

87.24 gallons of Avgas burned,

1,240 miles flown.


KOSH – KMCD (Mackinac Island)

1.8 hours with the engine running,

0 IMC,

18.7 gallons of Avgas burned,

281 miles flown.

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