Touch and Go – LaGuardia, JFK, Teterboro, Newark Liberty, and Hudson River Corridor 05/02/2020

With Sun N Fun cancelled and Oshkosh not happening this year I figured it was time to make use of the Covid 19 pandemic and capitalize on some airspace that would typically not be available for pattern work.  Without a destination to land and stay at, what better place to go than New York!  For those unfamiliar (as I was previously) with the airspace in and around NYC there is a 20 minute ALC-79: New York City Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) course the FAA requires that you take prior to entering the area.  The course is well put together and was created after a 2009 mid-air between a Eurocopter and a PA32R-300.  The course is very informative and a worth while use of your time.  The FAA also supplies a kneeboard printout to help identify the mandatory reporting points for those interested in flying the New York Class B Airspace Hudson River Exclusion Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA).  This corridor is where you will be flying if you want to circle the Statue of Liberty.  

At 6:45 am I fueled up the RV-10 at the hangar and Lance and I loaded in and departed KORL Orlando Executive enroute for KLGA LaGuardia.  The plan was to make fuel stops at small facilities with self service to keep our social distance from the locals while on the trip.  First leg was Orlando Executive to KOCW Washington Warren in Washington, North Carolina.  Topped off with fuel and filed for LaGuardia.   The only adverse weather was some icing near New Jersey above 8,000 feet with very little turbulence and clear skies for the duration of the trip.  The weather was solid VFR the entire day.

When approach handed us off to LaGuardia tower they were extremely accommodating.  They simply asked what we wanted and cleared us for the Expressway approach to runway 31 for a touch and go.  I greased the wheels, pushed the throttle forward, began our climb, then got handed back to approach.  Approach asked what we wanted next.  Well seeing how close KJFK John F Kennedy International was I asked for a touch an go at JFK.  We got vectored and handed off to JFK tower, asked for a touch and go and was told they were unable.  I then asked for a taxi back and just like that we were cleared to land #1 runway 4L.  An airliner was landing on the short runway 4R parallel to our approach to 4L.  During the taxiback the tower asked if a Kilo 3 / Runway 4L intersection departure would work.  We happily accepted, took off and got handed back to approach.  Asked approach for a touch and go at KTEB Teteboro and got vectored for left traffic to Runway 24.  Touched the wheels there, back to approach, asked for a touch and go at KEWR Newark Liberty International, and flew straight in to runway 22L.  Touched the wheels there, then departed the class Bravo to the south and entered the Hudson River Corridor at the Verrazzano Bridge (VZ) on the east side bank at about 900′.  Flew north at 600′, circled the Statue of Liberty, passed the Clock, the Intrepid, the George Washington Bridge, and made a turn back to the south at the Alpine Tower.  We flew south along the west bank, made another circle around Lady Liberty, and departed the area for our next fuel stop at 47N Central Jersey Regional in Manville, NJ.  Topped off the tanks and departed for KHEG Herlong Recreational in Jacksonville, FL.  After a little vectoring on our departure from 47N, we made our longest leg of the trip of 867 miles flown (816 direct).  Topped off the plane at $2.84 a gallon and made the quick hop directly south back to Orlando as all the restricted areas were cold in the center of the state.  

I was amazed at how courteous and accommodating the controllers in the New York area were.  The Hudson river was void of any helicopters and we only saw a Cessna 172 and a Beech when we flew it.

Inbound to the city from the Southwest.

Expressway Visual RWY 31 KLGA

Departure from LaGuardia runway 31.

Downwind runway 4L at JFK.

Departure from Teteboro runway 24.

Final approach into Newark runway 22L.

New York Class B Airspace Hudson River Exclusion kneeboard printout.

Entering the south end of the Hudson corridor at “VZ” (Verrazzan Bridge taken while heading north).

Statue of Liberty (taken while circling counter clockwise).


Not a person in sight.

Clock (taken while heading south).

Intrepid (taken while heading north).

Central Park (taken while heading north).

“GWB” (George Washington Bridge taken while heading north).

Alpine Tower (taken while heading north).

Looking south from Alpine Tower on the Hudson.

Looking east while headed south on the Hudson.

Verrazzano Bridge off in distance (taken while heading south).

Headed back to Florida.

Flightradar 24 track.

Orlando at night upon return.

Florida outbound to New York.

New York outbound to Florida.

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