Trip to Saint Aviation

One of the Skyview Classic screens in Skyscraper needed repair.  No problem,  remove 6 screws, pull a few connectors off the back and away to Dynon it went.  Unfortunately this left Skyscraper sitting in the hangar with a hole in the panel.  I took the opportunity to purchase a used Skyview Classic Touch to fill the void.  The touch screen is a nice addition but probably not really worth the effort to upgrade unless you have a reason.  When the screen came back from Dynon I had an extra screen laying around.  I figured it would serve someone else better who had a panel that needed it so I sold the third screen on VAF.  The gentleman who bought it was having Jesse Saint of Saint Aviation upgrade his panel so I offered to make the quick hop over to meet Jesse and drop it off.  As is typical in Florida this time of year I had a line of afternoon thunderstorms between KORL Orlando Executive and X35 Marion County.  The RV-10 made quick work traversing the line of cumulonimbus in the area.   After landing at X35 and taxing over to the ITEC hangar, Jesse was thoughtful enough to walk me around and show me some of the projects they are working on including (5) RV-10s in various stages of completion.  Taxied over for some cheap fuel and made the hop back to Orlando.


X35 Marion County

Saint Aviation Ramp

Inside of hangar filled with all sorts of fun!

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