Young Eagles 02/22/2020

Our EAA chapter is very involved with educating young people about aviation.  One of the things the chapter does free of charge is put on an (8) week  course for kids 10-15 years old.  The course covers all aspects of flight.  The kids get to build a wing rib, visit the KORL tower, and plan a cross country flight.  As part of their graduation the students get to fly a (3) leg flight using their nav logs.  At each leg the front seat gets swapped out.  Its a great way to take Young Eagles flying that have made a commitment into the flight and generally have a sincere interest in aviation.  Typically each pilot will haul (3) kids from the class.  This time I had the distinct pleasure of taking (2) loads of kids as we were a pilot short.  Terry was originally going to fly a second load in his 182 but he blew a tire in Kissimmee and was unable to make the second trip.  Funny enough it was Terry who flew my load of kids the last graduation day as I blew a tire at Orlando Executive shutting down the runway for an hour and was unable to take my load of graduates.  The Young Eagles program is a fantastic way to give back to the community of aviation.  You never know the impact you may be having on the kids you interact with.  Its also one of the ways to lower the barrier between the general public, and general aviation.  There are at least two barriers: (1) intimidating barbed wire fence surrounding the airport to keep people out, (2) the prohibitive costs that without proper guidance from someone on the inside of that fence can turn people away.  I do my best as an ambassador of aviation to share general aviation with as many as possible.

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